JOEL's Army


What is Joel's army?

Joel's Army is the Debut worship album by LRC Alive! In this powerfully diverse album you're guaranteed to hear something you'll love. Whether you have a taste for the heavier things in life, more of an R'nB feel, or even blistering fast rap parts, there's something here for everyone. All songs are 100% original! Get your copy today!

Song list

  1. Declaration Song
  2. Joel's Army
  3. Jesus
  4. I Trust You
  5. Let Go!
  6. My King
  7. In Him
  8. Can't Get Enough
  9. Jump!
  10. My Life is Yours
  11. Sing Over Me

Mixed and produced by:

Pastor Randy Williams at LRC Studios

Artwork by:

Kristin Jobe

Tree of Life Distribution

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