What is a "Life Group?"

Life Groups are our version of small groups. Every Sunday night we break into our Life Groups. Men’s Group is taught by our very own Luke Barton, and the women’s group is led by Michelle Raby . They take place every Sunday afternoon while the youth have their weekly Sunday night service.



How it works

Every group leader does things a bit different, but the basic premise is the same throughout. It begins with prayer, followed by a lesson which was written by either Pastor Randy or one of the group leaders, then comes fellowship. Some group leaders will provide snacks, while others may bring a football to toss around after the lesson. Either way, it's a great time!

Why we do it

Life Groups provide a different, more intimate opportunity for fellowship and bonding within the LRC family. Many people are simply more comfortable opening up, or even just learning, in a smaller setting. Life Groups are perfect for this. If you are looking for a way to bring your walk with God to the next level, Life Groups are for you! 



How do I join a life group?

In order to join one of our Life Groups, all you've got to do is show up! Sunday night worship starts at 5:30 PM and Life Groups come right after! And if you're wondering if there's a group for you, there is! No matter your age, or gender, you have a Life Group! So what are you waiting for? Be here at LRC this Sunday night at 5:30 PM. See you then!